Friday, August 16, 2013

Tips and Tricks...and a freebie!!!

It is the last day of Teacher Week 2013 at Blog Hoppin and I have had a great time sharing my ideas, and learning from all of you. I have met some new friends, got some new ideas and even begun my first free product - keep reading to the end to grab it! :) 

But first, my tip of the week. This is something I have done since my first year student teaching. I am not sure where I got this idea, so if anyone knows where it originated from, please let me know.  It has worked wonders for me and it is so simple. Note: For the purpose of this post, I am using my son's "friend," Sulley Monkey, as my puppy friend Silent Sam (not the 'drink') is at school taking care of my boxes, but you will get the picture. 

Introducing my friend Sulley Monkey! He goes everywhere with me. So I will need your help to keep him safe and happy. 

Sully is very friendly and likes to make new friends. So he will be hoping to spend time with each of you today. Also, there is something very special about him. What is so special about him is his ears. He can hear even the smallest noises. Since his ears are so sensitive, he likes it quiet! He will be looking for a friend who is sitting quietly and listening, so he can sit with you!

So, as a supply I would bring my friend with me and introduce him at the carpet, or during whole group instruction. He worked in all of the primary grades and usually up to grade 4. When I noticed most of the kids working hard to be quiet and listen, I would give my friend to one student to sit with. Then it was that child's job to find someone else who is sitting quietly to pass my friend along to (after a little visit). I thought I would have a problem having him hanging out with only one student, but remember, he wants to meet as many new friends as possible, and the students took that on as their responsibility.  In fact, he became so popular, my grade 3 students wanted to eat lunch with them, even though he normally only visited during work periods. It doesn't matter if your friend is a monkey, doggie, elephant, etc. As long as it is cuddly, friendly and not too big (you still want them to be able to see you and listen). 

Now, I mentioned yesterday that I was creating a freebie. If you read yesterday, I discussed my Time-In Station. My first freebie is a Feeling Chart to post at my Time-In Station. If you would like a copy, you will find it here!

Please note that this is the first time I have shared, and when I was viewing on Google Docs, the colour was distorted. Please try to print only one page and check before printing the entire thing. I am off to get a new printer this afternoon and won't know for sure how it will look. If you do print this, please send me a message and let me know if it works. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy this freebie, and if you love Melonheadz as much as I do, then you may want to continue this theme in a Behaviour Clip Chart, created by Bridget at Literacy Without Worksheets

What's even better, is its free! I know I will be using this beauty. If you would like a copy, visit her here.  Don't forget to leave her some love!

Thanks Bridgit! They are sweet!
That's all for now! Thanks for a great week! Now go check out the other trips and tricks at Blog Hoppin'.

Yours in "Tips and Tricks,"

Jackie (a.k.a. Ms.M)

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