Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beginning New Adventures!

Okay! So here it is, my first blog post! I have done a lot of blog stalking, created blogs with my class, maintained a class website, but still hadn't began my own blog. The funny thing is that I have had this empty blog since 2010. My plan was to use it in my grade 5/6 class, to stay in touch with all grade 5s for Science rotary.  It was a good idea, but admittedly, I never got around to it!

What has changed you ask? Well, a number of things:

1) I have been so enjoying the blogs that I have been following and learned so much!

2) I have some time, as I recently completed my Specialist degree in IT (Integrating Technology)

3) The biggest reason, I am beginning a new adventure - joining the world of Kindergarten (Full-Day Kindergarten to be exact) and thought, what better time to join the world of blogging and share my new adventures (although I am not sure who will be reading this)!

 I hope that you will follow me as I learn and grow with my kindies! Let the preparations begin! :)

Yours in adventure, 

Jackie (a.k.a. Ms.M)

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