Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Reveal

I am very excited about today's topic for Teacher Week 2013 - the classroom reveal! I love taking a look around everyone's classrooms and seeing how they decorate, the different themes and "embellishments."  

Unfortunately, mine will not be that exciting, because this is how my room looks right now: 

Construction is behind, but there is still hope for September Start Up! Keep your Fingers Crossed!

This is how it looked when I had to drive into the city to help out a friend and decided to drive by to see the progress.  It didn't look encouraging, but I have to tell you that the gentlemen I met from the construction crew were such nice guys and I know they have been working tirelessly to get this all done for us! 

However, that doesn't mean the back to school preparations haven't begun (at least in my mind), so today I am going to share with you, some of the items I have chosen to create and decorate my new, fabulous plans (going by the blueprints I saw last June...I will have to use my imagination)!  

Before I make a final commitment, and begin the printing, cutting, laminating, cutting process. I plan to meet with my new teaching partner. I can't have her spending all year in polka dots if she dislikes polka dots!  In Ontario, our new Full Day Kindergarten (every day, all day) consists of a Qualified Teacher and a Qualified Designated Early Childhood Educator (DECE) working together to implement the program.  FDK is new to our school this year, and I am new to kindergarten after years in grade 2/3 and in grade 5/6, so my DECE partner and I will be doing a lot of learning together.  Starting with how best to set up the classroom.  

Here are some of the things I will be presenting to her when we meet for the first time this week, thanks to so many of you and your great ideas and wonderful creations: 

Marsha McGuire's ABC chart (and tracer) Pack and her Numbers and Colours Pack from Differentiated KindergartenYou can purchase a copy by clicking on each of the headings above. 

Also, she has created a set of Shapes posters, that you can get for FREE here!

In my "window" shopping, at Scholar's Choice, I liked these and think they would go nicely with Marsha's posters (J.W. if you are reading this, here is my visual shopping list).

I also love Hope King's Decor Galore and I think I have narrowed it down to Patterns Galore (on black), but I have to tell you, it was a difficult choice. Her decor bundles are all beautiful. You can check them out here or purchase here

But I am a little torn because I also love Amy Lemon's Get Your Chevron On Bundle. You can check it out here and purchase it here

So, now I need your help!!! Please comment below and tell me which one you think I should get! 

Then I thought I could tie it all together with some material for the bullentin board backgrounds (thanks again to Amy Lemons), some paper lanterns and some of these, just because I think they are fun! 

Check out Meredith at Keen on Kindergarten, for directions on how to make these.  She also use paper lanterns to create the Very Hungry Caterpillar too! So cool! I may have to create that as well!

Hope this gives you a sense of where I am going with my classroom.  Come back tomorrow for organization ideas! 

Yours in classroom decorating, 

Jackie (a.k.a. Ms.M)

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