Monday, August 26, 2013

In the Spirit of Good Deeds...

How fitting it is to write this today, after Nikki at Melonheadz wrote about doing Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) to celebrate her birthday week (she even offered a freebie for her birthday, so make sure you go check it out). 

Here is my first RAK - Remember Mason and his family (see original post by Nikki here or my post here). Well, I e-mailed Nikki with an idea to do more. 

I have decided to sell the products I have been working on for my class (since I can't get into my classroom until it is no longer a construction zone) and ALL of the proceeds will go to Mason and his family.

So here are the items I have to offer.  Keep in mind that almost all of these files are editable, as I know you are not all going to teach kindergarten, or wish to use them the same way as me. 

1) When I Grow Up {inspired by Mason himself ;)}
A Writing Activity for K-6 (not editable)

 This writing activity could be done from Kindergarten through to grade 6, with altered expectations. The pack includes a variety of writing pages, with primary and regular lines. There are some with illustration blocks and ones without. I even included some coloured labels for display and one for a picture or photograph only! 

 I used the circle planner to draw ideas with my grade 3 class and then had them write about their future in paragraphs. Each circle was a stage in their life (as a junior student, intermediate student, in high school and as an adult). They had a lot of fun with this and both pieces went into their scrapbooks for the end of the year!

2) Hello, Goodbye Book
This idea originated from a visit to a kindergarten class at the end of last year. The class had created a hello and goodbye book so the kids could take the attendance and learn each others names. 

All files are editable, but I also included the printable version so photographs could be glued in and names written (it even looks good in grayscale on some coloured paper) if you prefer. As you can see, I also created nameplates (perhaps for a word wall). These would also be great for a writing center or for choosing groups/calling names (can be printed smaller if you print 2 slides at a time).

3) Teacher Attendance Book Companion
This file was created as a companion to the Hello/Goodbye Book. It is a class set of photographs and names (all editable) for the teacher's binder and/or a Supply Teacher binder. I also included a file for notetaking (e.g. listing allergies, helpers, early pick-up, etc.), a Student Information page and a note from supply teacher (just for fun). 

4) Back to School Pack
I am still in the midst of tweaking this one, but it will be complete by tomorrow. This back includes editable files to welcome families back to school and introduce some of the procedures and expectations (especially for the start of the year). It also includes a 1st Day sign for pictures, a poem to send home with parents and an award to sends with students, as well as teacher business cards (see the second picture for the list). 

Some errors, will correct! Should be: gift idea for parents, a poem to send home with students!

You can have all 4 for a donation of $10 or more. 

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and will go towards helping Mason and his family. Remember, every cent you donate will go to Mason! 

Here is all you have to do:

1. Drop your donation of $10.00 into Jamie's paypal. Here's the address for it:

2. Email Jamie at the same email address with your 
confirmation/transaction number for your order, and then she will forward me
 the e-mails and I will send you the files:)

Please allow 48 hours for files to be sent. If you do not receive your files after that, or there are any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me! 

Don't forget to head on over to Melonheadz and tell Nikki about your random acts of kindness. It is her birthday week after all! 

Thank you in advance for your compassion 
and generosity! 

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