Saturday, August 3, 2013

Five for Friday! Five for Friday?

My first Five for Friday - thanks Kacey
So I figure it is still considered Friday, if I did not go to sleep yet! Right? Right! I am new to all this, so I wasn't going to join yet, but since I was able to figure out a few more things to create my blog, I thought...why not!

1) Welcome to Growing Kinders
I am now officially a blogger. I am excited about this new adventure and thought now would be as great a time as anything. If nothing else, I can document my adventures over my first year in Kindergarten, since my student teaching days! I look forward to meeting new friends and learning so much more!

2) Love of Learning
I have a SERIOUS love of learning! I feel at my best when I am learning something new, and surprisingly, this is something that I just discovered about myself. Just this week, I completed my Specialist in IT (mentioned a few times, I know) and I did well on my assignments. After completing an assignment, I was eager to share with anyone who would listen, and would even call my mom when I would receive assessment feedback. A lifelong student for sure!
Even this blog, I have been teaching myself how to make banners, and blog buttons (thanks to tutorials). Have I mentioned how much I love Goggle bloggers and YouTube

3) Meeting New Friends

Sidney at Teaching is a Gift
Nancy at Joy of Kindergarten
and Uniquely Yours Blog Designs

I have already made a couple of new friends in the blogging world. Thank you to Sidney at Teaching is a Gift, for being my first follower and welcoming me to the world of blogging. I am so happy I came across her blog and her page full of Canadian bloggers. I was especially excited to find Ontario bloggers in Kindergarten, who would understand my "Ontario curriculum" and "FDK" and "DECE" talk - especially as a new FDK Kindergarten teacher. Thank you Sidney!

Secondly, after finding Nancy at Joy of Kindergarten and Uniquely Yours Blog Designs and More, and discovering she was a talented blog designer and digital artist - an area I recently started to explore - I messaged her on Facebook about her tools and got feedback right away! Wow! So supportive. I am eager to learn even more! Thank you Nancy!

4) Teacher Love
At this time of year, as Back of School approaches (and have begun for so many), there is always "teacher love" - people graciously sharing with each other and having giveaways and contests, which all provide a feeling of hope and excitement, on top of the pile of freebies. 

However, I want to speak of the hope and gratification I feel from people coming together to support others. It warmed my heart, when Michelle at Fabulous in First wrote that her fund-raiser for the DeWitt family raised $10 000. With all of the negative press you hear all over the media, how reassuring it is to know that strangers will come together to help others. It isn't the first time I witnessed this wonderful teacher support, but each time it reminds you of the good in people. So, even though I played such a minor role, I want to thank everyone who donated items to Michelle's fundraisers (that I am eager to use) and to all those that took the time to help the DeWitt family.  I wish them all the best in their time of need! Also, thank you so much to My Cute Graphics for this sweet Thank You image and all your other great graphics!

5) My Cooking Skills 

First of all, I have to tell you that I do NOT cook! I mean, I can cook to survive, but I am not above turning my 4 year-old son's grilled cheese over on his plate, so he doesn't see the side I burnt. Yikes! but, now I have discovered the secret...the "magic pot."

See that rectangular stoneware pot above, with the lid. It cooks meals in record time, in the microwave! That's right, the microwave!! I can now make meals that make it look like I know what I am doing in the kitchen! If you haven't seen it in action, I highly recommend finding a consultant near you and put together a party. I went to a few before I actually got the "magic pot" and as of now, I have had fajitas, chicken parmesan soup, a lemon chicken and tomato summer salad, regular chicken breasts, bacon stuffed meatloaf, and corn on the cob! Seriously! So good! I can't wait to get more! 

and since it is definitely not Friday anymore...Happy Saturday everyone!

Yours in "Linkiness,"


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