Sunday, August 3, 2014


I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for Currently August

I am sure it needs no explanation, and I am excited to start doing these with my own class to highlight the months.  What fun! Check it out (click on the picture below to link to Farley's TPT shop).

Now for my August Currently!

Listening...My newest joy comes from turning off all "technology" except the radio and reading a book...although I have to admit that half the time I am reading from my Kobo, so not really technology free. When this song comes on, my boy and I can't help but tap our foot or SING along...

Loving...My "husband"officially started his holidays on Saturday.  We aren't going away, but do have a few day trips planned and are excited to take our son to his first baseball game.  We will be going here...

We will be watching the Jays play the Orioles! Since he started T-Ball this year, he is pretty excited about baseball and is thrilled to be going to this game.  I hope it is a beautiful day and they play with the roof open.  The Rogers Centre (otherwise known as the Skydome till 2005) is such a great building and with all of the other sights in Downtown Toronto, I am sure it will be a busy, fun-filled day!

Thinking...with stores stalking up with all the Back 2 School items, and making purchases of my own, it is hard to avoid the ongoing To-Do List...although the shopping part is always fun...

This doesn't even include my Educents purchases!
Wanting... Money, Money, Mo-ney! There are so many great products out there, that I have had my eye on for the B2S Sale starting tomorrow. So, after returning from a family BBQ I will be spending the evening catching up on leaving feedback, to earn more credits towards my B2S Sales shopping.  I mean, knowing how much I spent last year, I may as well prepare myself!  

Needing... I have created a list of things I would like to do around the house, before heading back to school. I have a dresser I want to refinish for my neice, some bedroom purging and rearranging to do, and some clutter that needs to find a new home (a.k.a. the shelving units I bought) or...the problem is that I am quickly running out of time, and the day-to-day always seems to find a way of stalling these projects!

The Return in NEAR...I find I often skip the at-home projects for the school projects (I think they come more naturally to me) so if I don't get a move on soon, I will be right back into B2S mind-set.  I know many of you are nearing the end of your holidays or have already started back.  My kiddos don't return until Sept. 2nd, and at this point, I don't know when I will be allowed to return.  We don't have any PD Days or required hours to be there pre-kids, but in true teacher fashion, most of us will be there for the entire week before (and sometimes late into the night) if not longer.  We just have to wait on custodian approval to enter our rooms! For now, I am putting that out of my mind.  I have a week of Family Time Adventures to focus on!

Thanks for sticking with me.  Off to give some feedback! :) 

Jackie (a.k.a...)

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