Friday, August 8, 2014

Great day with a sad moment!

So let's get the sad out of the way first! I didn't get to the TPT Sale on time...I have a cart full of items that went up $20 because I didn't make it in time! Booo!!!!

I guess I will have to hold off on SOME of my purchases until the next sale. I think there will be another one soon if I remember correctly from last year!  Right? I hope so!

The good news, our family "trip" to the big city was great.  As I mentioned, we took our son to his first Toronto Blue Jay's game.  We had a blast!  It is the first time we have taken him in to the heart of the city.  Let me tell you, he was mesmerized! I mean, I wouldn't call us country folk, but we are from a small, tourist town, so the lights, noise, people, and tall, tall buildings are a sight to see. To be fair, I have not really grown out of the childlike feeling each time we go to the city, that he was experiencing.  Back in the day, I applied to university in the city but I ended up choosing Nipissing University, in North Bay, that had more of the small-town feel that I love. Had I gone to university in Toronto, I probably would have got over the feeling of excitement and wonderment eventually...right?

So...he got to experience his first subway ride, first time in the city, and his first ball game.  He did great and kept going strong (with a few moments of exhausted daze-outs) until almost midnight! He has been talking about the game all week and asking for updates on their other games. During the game, he asked MANY, MANY questions, but I am happy to report that I was able to answer almost all of them, and when I wasn't, I said, "Ask Daddy!" Note: The Jays have had many injuries, and only won one game out of the three, against the Baltimore Orioles.  The game was fun, nonetheless! 

For me, I have a love/hate relationship with baseball.  I had a great time at the game, but the next night, we went to watch my "husband" play ball and it ended with a three hour visit to the ER. Whenever there is an injury, his team knows it is him! This week, he was running and hyper-extended his leg.  It looks like it may be a small tear in his muscle but the next step is an MRI to confirm and fingers-crossed for a quick recovery and no surgery! It looks like this one may be the end of baseball for him, but we have also been through a broken hand, a concussion from a direct hit to the head with the ball, knee surgery, and many cuts, bruises and strains! I mean really, does anyone else's significant others "play" like they are still twenty?  Thank goodness this injury happened AFTER the Jay's game. It cut our family holiday short, so for now, it is back to household chores, Back to School prep., and a little R & R.

Also, the other day, this arrived...

Hayden is excited about this book exchange.  I just hope, at least some people keep it going, so that he receives a few books.  On our part, we need to send one book to a 3 month old boy.  Since he is so young, I think it is important to select the book carefully! I need your help! Please me ideas for our book selection. What are your favourites? What are some must haves?  I have so many ideas, I don't know how we will narrow it down, but I want to hear from you! Please leave your favourites in the comments!

Happy Friday,

Jackie (a.k.a. ...)

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