Sunday, October 6, 2013

Long Time No See...and a little Currently (with a FREEBIE)!

It's been a long time since I have posted.  Beginning kindergarten has been a little say the least! By Friday, I find it hard to do anything, let alone get on the computer.  Not to mention my cold, sinus infection, migraine (probably from lack of discipline taking my sinus meds.) fiasco I have been in lately.  

But, my excuses are done and I am back! I hope someone was missing me! ;) 
I have joined up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for October's Currently!

Listening - to the hum of the computer! I can't tell you how much I enjoy silence! Seriously! I have been a teacher for 11 years now and every grade I taught, whether it be primary, juniors, or seniors can get very loud at times! Yet, at the end of the day, the silence bothered me. I thought I was just used to noise and so I would put on music while I planned and prepped at school. Oh how things have changed since I entered the world of three- (yes some are still 3-years-old) to five-year-olds. It is not that they are naughty, or crazy, or louder than the other kids, it is just different. Now, when the bell goes and all the kiddies are gone, I look around the room, take a deep breath and enjoy the subtle sounds of the computer humming and the clock ticking! No more after-school music for me! 

Loving - my sweet new kitty Bentley! Introducing the newest member of our little family - 4 month old kitten that we lovingly named Bentley (our other cat's name is Porsche). It all started when we were puppy sitting for my friend.  She had two female Shorkies that Hayden quickly fell in love with. Well, my poor boy went through some withdrawl when his puppy-friends had to go home. So much that I was almost convinced to take my friend's "family discount" and get the puppy. However, my rational husband convinced me that we were away from home too much and it wouldn't be fair.  Alas, we are "cat people" merely because you can leave a cat alone for longer than a dog. So, when I saw that a family friend was giving away a kitten, I jumped at the chance.  

Thinking - I need to get going with assessments... My school started right after the Labour Day weekend. I managed to assess 2 children. Actually, I did one and my teaching partner did the other...guess what I will be focusing on this week?

Wanting - My Own Personal Secretary... I am sure many of you can relate. My list is a mile long, and I figure if I just had a personal secretary to type out my newsletters, respond to e-mails, fight with the photocopier, etc. I would have hours more time in my day to accomplish the things that continually get pushed down to the bottom of my "To Do" list.  Then if I had a cook, and a maid, I would be all set! :) 

Needing - more hours in the day! This is explained above, but let me add that since I have started kindergarten I have been going to bed with my son at 8:30ish each night, making it even more difficult to tackle the "To Do" list!

Trick-or-Treat? Treat!!!! I prepared a poster for my classroom, to help teach my students the difference between "Tattling" and "Reporting."  I know what you are thinking, the kids are tattling, but it is quite the opposite.  We have had situations between kindergartens where there was physical fighting and the "victims" were running away but running right by teachers, not wanting to tell on the other boys. I have been trying to reinforce the importance of every child feeling safe at school. I know my students can't read the poster, but I can continue to refer to it! Hope this poster will be useful to you as well. 

Click on picture to get your own copy FREE! ;) 
I was shocked that this was occurring at this young age.  Some children kicking and punching kids with no sign of remorse, even after being caught!   Any thoughts on this? How would you deal with it?

It is raining and cold here, a perfect day to catch-up on house cleaning!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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