Monday, September 2, 2013

One Day for Me!

Well, my post heading isn't entirely true! I am still working away on my never-ending to-do list, but I am doing it from home, and I am making sure that some of the list includes time with my family! 

I have got in cuddles with my little man, and we have made plans to head out to Walmart (yes we are crazy) for some last minute essentials for school! We always get his teacher a "gift" (of sorts) for September Start-Up. Hayden brings along a bag of paper towel, soap, baby wipes...the essentials! ;) 

Today, as part of my "me time" I am blogging (because it makes me happy)! I am joining up with Farley for Currently and I am also adding a sneak peek of my keep reading till the end!!!

A little explanation...I have been at school for 7 days straight, many nights until 10 p.m. With the classroom still a construction zone, there was only so much we could do at a time, and some of the regular things took longer than anticipated! The hardest parts were the uncertainty of where you would be at the end of each day and what you would be able to do the next day, and also I felt all over the place (I still do). 

Good news though! I have a great team to work with and many, many supportive friends and colleagues! I can't thank you all enough! Seriously!!!!! Without you, I would not have been ready and feeling so, SO, SO much better today!!! 

Thanks to all my fantastic helpers, my room went from this:

To this:

A huge weight off my shoulders! It isn't perfect but it is kid-friendly and welcoming! Now, I can focus on getting to know my little kidlets, and not worry about them being safe!

I will continue to plug away, and maybe I will have a classroom reveal by...Christmas? Until then, I will be back soon with details of my first week. My first day is tomorrow!

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